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HERESY & Spiritland

Spiritland is a platform comprised of two listening spaces, one in King's Cross and one in Royal Festival Hall. They specialise in devising environments with emphasis on listening, through smart, relaxed interiors, expertly tweaked acoustics and two of the best sound-systems in London (the best).

Owners Patrick and Paul share a fascination for the same weird corners of British culture as HERESY, so they asked us to collaborate on a series of events and objects.

Session 01: Folk/Psych/Prog from Black Impulse + HERESY DJs

Session 02: Rare/outsider/lo-fi field recordings with experimental electronic/acoustic world music/everything else from Jnr Knight + Michelle Banal (sound archivists at the British Library) .

Session 03 will be on the 12/05/19 in collaboration with Earth Recordings where the label bosses will be playing a selection from their reissue catalogue and personal collections of Folk, both traditional + weird.