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Edale Country Day

Edale Country Day We are pleased to present Edale Country Day 2019 Some words by our friends at Law Magazine; 'In June last year on the weekend of London Fashion Week Men’s we found ourselves in a field, in a remote village called Edale, in the middle of The Peak District about 20 miles from Sheffield - about 20 miles from anywhere. Where folkloric inspired South London based label Heresy had been invited by Jarvis Cocker and Jeremy Deller to present their SS20 collection ‘Dwelling’ at Edale Country Day, as part of the People’s Landscape Project by National Trust. Heresy duo Jasper and Dominic cast and dressed local models on the day in notorious Heresy masks, wicker baskets, wellington boots, waxed hats by Delly Deacon and walking grass ghillie coats harvested and woven the day prior by Robert Newman. Between a falconry display and a sheep shearing demo the models paraded around the ring to a front row of bemused but enthused Derbyshire dwellers sat on hay bales, as each look was narrated by Jarvis Cocker. Luckily, Josh Homer was on hand to shoot this suitably surreal video of Heresy’s first ever ‘Fashion Show’ to prove that it did actually happen and further evidence of the days events shot by Maxwell Tomlinson will appear inside the upcoming folkloric themed, LAW 10.'