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Stanton Moor

HERESY site visit to Stanton Moor 2021.

Located in the Peak District between Matlock and Bakewell Stanton Moor contains megaliths and stone circles galore.

A lot of the monuments are on a very small scale and hidden in the heather but one of the key sites is the Nine Ladies stone circle. There are in fact 10 stones 1 of which has fallen down and represents a fiddler, the remaining 9 stones represent ladies that were caught dancing on the Sabbath and turned into stone. When we visited there was an offering left in the centre of the circle (pictured).

The large megalith pictured is called the cork stone, a naturally cork shaped lump of gritstone which has had metal rings added so you can climb it.

The Earl Grey Tower (also known as the Reform Tower) pictured was built in 1832 to commemorate and honor the earl who was responsible for The Great Reform Act which bought true democracy to the U.K.